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Halloween Special 2019: Vampires Galore!

October 28, 2019

Happy Halloween, fearful ones!

For our Halloween Special this year the ghouls at the Longbox of Darkness and Into The Weird have deigned to blister your eardrums with a gargantuan 4 hour marathon of horror comics. Because of the sheer length of this endeavor, we've had to separate the episode into two chapters. They are as follows:

CHAPTER 1: ToD meets LoD - Ryan Daly from 'Midnight... The Podcasting Hour' and the Fire & Water Network of Podcasts joins Herman for a discussion of Marvel's TOMB OF DRACULA #12-14. 

CHAPTER 2: Billy and Herman get blood-drunk as they talk Vampire Tales #4, featuring Morbius the Living Vampire and Billy's absolute favorite horror story of all time, August Derleth's "The Drifting Snow."

Hope you enjoy it, Constant Listeners.

Again, Happy Halloween from Into The Weird and The Longbox of Darkness

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Thanks, as always to the great band SEVEN KINGDOMS for the use of their excellent song In The Walls. Outro Song "Evil Woman" by ELO.


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