Longbox of Darkness Ep. 11: Hideshi Hino’s Opus of Hell

April 20, 2018

This week Herman ventures into the realm of HORROR MANGA as the dicussion centers around two seminal works by Hideshi Hino - PANORAMA OF HELL and LULLABIES FROM HELL. Unfortunately Erin The Intern has been detained this week, but we make do with our HISTORY OF HORROR Segment, which focuses exclusively on the Horror History of Jaopanese Manga. The show concluded with Feedback from listeners and some recommendations for listeners. Okage de oyasuminasai! 


LOD Prelude to Episode 11 - “Hell Baby”

March 21, 2018

Welcome to a special Prelude Episode of The Longbox of Darkness, in which Herman discusses some seminal HORROR MANGA; in this case Hideshi Hino's disturbing HELL BABY. Send feedback to darklongbox@gmail.com or reach me on twitter @darklongbox. Images for this episode can be found at www.longboxofdarkness.com. Outro Music by Mazzy Star, "Look on Down Upon The Bridge."


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 10 - Weird War Tales #93

March 4, 2018

In this episode Herman explores the Horrors of War! The episode kicks off with an in-depth looks at DC's Weird War Tales #93, before sequeing into the critically-lauded Erin Segment, where we tackle some listener feedback. The History of Horror Comics makes a return, as well as the host's recommendations. If you want more LOD, check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com, follow it on twitter @darklongbox, or send an email to darklongbox@gmail.com. Closing music: 'Suo Gan' from John William's Empire of The Sun Soundtrack. 


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 9 - American Vampire Vol.1

February 17, 2018

Herman returns with a new episode of The Longbox of Darkness! This time around Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque's American Vampire gets the spotlight treatment. Erin returns...with a vengeance! And the History of Horror Segment makes an appearance, along with horror recommendations. If you have the stomach for it, check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com, follow me on twitter @darklongbox, or hit me up at darklongbox@gmail.com. Audio files welcome! Peace ooot!


The First Interlude: “Midnight Mess.”

December 18, 2017

Welcome to The Longbox of Darkness - The First Interlude, a short discussion of EC Comics' "Midnight Mess" from Tales From The Crypt #35, a prelude to our next full-length episode "American Vampire." Check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com , send me an email to darklongbox@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @darklongbox.


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 8 - Ghost Rider #70

December 3, 2017

The show's been on a hiatus of 2 weeks due to a horrific bout of LARYNGITIS that tormented horror host Herman, but now he's back with an all new episode, chronicling a tale of deformity and hellfire. Erin's taking a breather this week, but the Horror Trivia and the History of Horror segements more than make up for that. We HOPE. Send feedback to darklongbox@gmail.com, follow us on twitter @darklongbox, and please check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com.


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 7: Monster and the Scream! & Misty Special

November 6, 2017

Herman discusses British Horror comics! That's right, it's time for the Brits to terrify our socks off with two of their seminal horror publications from the 80s, now making a return courtesy of Rebellion Publishing. Our ever-popular Erin segment returns as well, along with a discussion of monsters and how they permeate horror fiction. Email comments to darklongbox@gmail.com. Follow the podcast on Twitter @darklongbox, and check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com, IF you dare.


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 6: The House of Mystery #318

October 25, 2017

Herman looks at one of his favorite comics from his youth, The House of Mystery #318. Featuring I...VAMPIRE, THE DAY AFTER DOOMSDAY and STALK AND SLASH. The Erin segment and the Horror History segment are both healthy, robust (and in the case of ERIN, busty), and accounted for. Comments can be sent to darklongbox@gmail.com. Twitter is an alternative @darklongbox. Happy trails, Crystal Lake Campers!


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 5: Alien Salvation

October 13, 2017

This week Herman looks at Alien: Salvation from Dark Horse Comics. This is followed by our Erin Segment, History of Horror Comics, and finally Horror Profiles. All in all, a doozy of an episode, wouldn't cha say? Send feedback to darklongbox@gmail.com, twitter: @darklongbox or check out the blog www.longboxofdarkness.com


Longbox of Darkness Ep. 4: Shadows on the Grave #1

September 25, 2017

This week Herman looks at Richard Corben's Shadows on the Grave #1 from Dark Horse Comics. PLUS the ever-popular Erin, tyro of horror comics, returns! This, and much more. Follow the LOD Podcast on twitter @darklongbox or check out the blog at www.longboxofdarkness.com