The Longbox of Darkness: A Horror Comics Podcast

Episode 21 - Weird War Femme Fatales Pt. 2

December 1, 2020

In a fond farewell to #WarComicsMonth, Misty and Herman wrap up their coverage of DC Comics' WEIRD WAR TALES with an in-depth look at Issue #82 (Dec. 1979). Listen in if you like Nazi BUTTwurst, senile generals, and wartorn Atlantean love affairs. All this AND a heated etymological debate over the pronunciation of 'Colonel.' That's right, darklings, it's all here in this episode of The Lonbgox of Darkness.

Special thanks to the following folks on Twitter who made #WarComicsMonth an epic experience:

Luke Jaconetti @ljacone

Ross Michaud @oldschoolross

Professor Alan @ProfessorAlan

Gerry Green @ProfessorFrenzy

Joe Crawford @IowasJoe

Billy D @BILLYd_licious 

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