The Longbox of Darkness: A Horror Comics Podcast

Episode 17: Elvira’s House Of Mystery

April 24, 2020

The Longbox Of Darkness is back! Join Herman on this momentous occasion as he welcomes a brand new co-host to the show. That's right folks, the age of MISTY GRAVES is upon us!

In this episode Misty and Herm discuss one of the greatest horror hosts of all time, the Mistress Of The Dark herself, ELVIRA. And as an added bonus, we throw some comics into the mix, specifically ELVIRA'S House Of Mystery #3 and #10, published by DC Comics in 1986. A ghoulishly good time is had by all!

We also debut a new Funny Bone segment, courtesy of Misty's horror-laden sense of humor. So strap yourselves in, folks, and prepare for a nightmarishly fun ride down the darkest corridors of fear.

Feedback can be sent to, and images from the comics under discussion can be viewed at Follow the creators on twitter - Misty is at @MistyGComics, and Herman @darklongbox. 

Keep it Creepy! 

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