The Longbox of Darkness: A Horror Comics Podcast

Episode 14 - The Amazing Screw-On Head

September 10, 2018

The Longbox of Darkness is back! After 2 months of sweet, sweet indolence Herman has finally gotten off his backside and produced a new show. And from here on in, there's no looking back. THIS WEEK, we discuss the blackest of black comedies from the pen of Mike Mignola himself: THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD. Podcast addendum to be found at LOD EP. 14 Addendum.The History of Horror Segment returns, as well as a special creator spotlight, before wrapping the show up with some suitably terrifying recommendations. Thanks for listening, everyone. Feedback can be sent to, follow me on twitter @darklongbox, or check out the blog at Pleasant screams!